Event Info

Miss Fabulous Pageants’ mission is to Promote the discovery of self-love, courage, and confidence by “Finding Your Fabulous.” 

Miss Fabulous Las Vegas2023

Miss Fabulous Las Vegas is a prestigious beauty pageant that captures the essence of glamour and talent in the vibrant city of Las Vegas. It brings together accomplished young women who showcase their poise, elegance, and charisma in various categories, including evening gowns, talents, swimsuits, and interviews. The pageant celebrates the unique spirit and energy of Las Vegas while honoring the inner qualities and achievements of its contestants.

Date and time

December 3, 2023 | 4pm to 5:30pm


Ahern Hotel, Las Vegas NV

Pageant Titles:
  • Miss Fabulous Las Vegas Teen: 13-17 Yrs/Old
  • Miss Fabulous Las Vegas :18-28 Yrs/Old
  • Ms. Fabulous Las Vegas : 29-49 Yrs/old
Contestants can apply directly in the Registration Page or you can try to contact any of the Event Administrators. Please, contact Ellen Stokes at (702) 881-8702 . Or Email us at admin@missfabulouspageants.com

(See Registration Page for the Fees) 

Miss Fabulous Pageants is open for everyone from ages 13-60+. (Subject to change per Pageant Category)

Single, Married or, Widowed are welcome to join

As long as you do not hold any title, you are allowed to compete to your heart’s content. 

Be Fabulous inside and out.

Upon Availability, there will be a special discounted room rates at the event hotel.

You may have your own personal hair/makeup artist to come to your hotel room only.  

No need of personal photographer. 

Typically the Pageants consist of Onstage Introduction, Showcase of Beach Wear and Evening Gowns, Talent Performance, and Random Q and A’s.

What to Expect

Once a contestants’ application is accepted:

  • They become a representative of the Miss Fabulous Las Vegas beauty pageant.
  • Their Attire will be elegant, and classy. If in doubt, they should seek the opinion of the pageant committee.
  • All social media accounts (past, present, and future) will be maintained in a tasteful manner.
  • Gossiping, bashing, bullying and negative attitudes are prohibited.
  • Contestants who in the past had bad experiences in life must now strive to change for a better lifestyle and avoid association of old lifestyle. (Abusive use of Drugs, alcohol, violence, public nudity and other immoral issues) see committee
  • They are not to participate in any dishonest, immoral, lewd, or indecent activities.
  • The staff can eliminate any contestant who violated the Rules and Regulations of the pageant.
  • The Miss Fabulous Las Vegas Pageant and its affiliates are not responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged property of the entrants, assistants, or other attendees.
  • In the event of a tie, the head judge, main event sponsor and the manager of the pageant are the only people allowed to break the tie.
  • Entrants hereby waive any right to challenge or contest the results of the pageant.
  • Diverse panel of judges to ensure fair result.

After you Join . . .

Develop Self Image , self love, inner strength of courage, boost self confidence, public relationship, platform and goals in life, leadership skills, public speaking skills, lasting friendship, moral character through charity and public service.

If you won . . .

There’ll be Meetings, Self-development Classes, Social Gatherings, Charity Volunteer, Business Connections and Empowerment; in which you should participate.

As a Title Holder

  • Be a Brand Ambassador
  • Public and charity event appearances
  • Volunteer in our organized events.
  • Inspire/mentor others
  • Pursue dreams, advocacy or platform
  • Help recruit new contestants for upcoming beauty pageant
  • Out of State title holders continue to promote their advocacy or platform and our beauty pageant brand
  • Promote tourism
  • Promote hospitality
  • Promote businesses by hosting events
  • Promote Charity through fundraising and volunteerism
  • Promote and empower women and men of all ages to become the core of their community