About Us

Miss Fabulous Pageants’ mission is to Promote the discovery of self-love, courage, and confidence by “Finding Your Fabulous.” 

Major Events for 2024

My Fabulous Mini Me


⭐️Attention all fabulous parents
and their mini-me’s! ⭐️
Miss Fabulous Pageants is thrilled to announce that we are NOW ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS for our My Fabulous Mini Me competition! Whether you’re a parent with a daughter/son , aged 8 to 60 plus years old, this is your chance to showcase the incredible bond you share with your little one.
Once you submit your application, the criteria will be distributed to you, so you can start preparing for the competition. We want to recognize parents and their children in a more lucrative way, highlighting how they bond, their similarities, and how they serve as an example of a happy, loving family.
Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to shine with your mini-me by your side. 👩‍👧
Apply now and let your fabulousness shine through!🌟


Coming Soon!

Miss Fabulous Las Vegas 2024 Beauty Pageant

👑 Experience the glitz and glamour of the ultimate beauty pageant, Miss Fabulous Las Vegas 2023! 👑

🗓️ Mark your calendars for December 3,2023 at the Ahern Hotel, 300 W. Sahara Ave, Las Vegas, NV, will transform into a stage of dreams, where extraordinary young women will compete for the coveted crown and title.

👸 Miss Fabulous Las Vegas is open to talented contestants from diverse backgrounds and age groups: 👧 Teen: Ages 13 to 17 👩 Miss: Ages 18 to 28 👩‍🦳 Ms: Ages 29 to 45

💃 This is more than just a beauty pageant; it’s a celebration of diversity and empowerment. We believe that every contestant is unique and brings her own brilliance to the stage. Embrace your individuality and let your inner radiance shine bright.

🌟 Winners of Miss Fabulous Las Vegas 2023 will receive a prestigious opportunity. If qualified, they may proceed to represent Nevada in the renowned Miss Nevada USA pageant, taking one step closer to national recognition.

📝 Apply now and seize your chance to be part of this life-changing event! Visit missfabulouspageants.com/register to register and embark on a journey of self-discovery, growth, and unforgettable memories.

💖 Each contestant pays the pageant and registration fees, contributing to the success of this spectacular event. Your participation will make this pageant even more fabulous!

🎉 Join us at Ahern Hotel on December 3, where dreams come true, and hearts are touched by the spirit of pageantry.

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Our Mission

‘Find your Fabulous – inside and out’, promotes the discovery of self love, courage, and confidence in women and men of all ages, regardless of life’s challenges.

Our Vision

Be recognized as an institution for those who seek personal growth, empowerment, self-confidence, training, & community involvement.

The mother-daughter team has created a community of people who are wanting to excel from their current situations in life, and becomes a bridge to those who want to pursue their platforms.

The Vegas-born, Miss Fabulous Beauty Pageant was founded by Ellen Stokes in 2016. Ellen’s vision for the pageant was to have a face affiliated to the historic “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” sign, bringing light to the Fabulous people of Las Vegas.


Miss Fabulous pageants is unique as the competition open the doors to those who did not have a chance as a young woman or man to compete in any pageants. We view pageantry as a stepping stone for some to achieve their life goals. With the right tools and partnership,  Ellen and her daughter as a mother and daughter team are taking the Miss Fabulous Pageants to the next level as it benefits women and men, young and adults. The pageant creates a community of people who are wanting to excel from their current situations in life and become a bridge to those who want to pursue their platforms.


ELLEN Stokes


Ellen Montehermoso Stokes a mother of a successful son Kristian Stokes, a  successful daughter Kristine Stokes and a grandmother of 2 boys Ethan and Brayden. 

Ellen is an award-winning inventor, she designed and patented the “Unisex Therapy Table” in which she won gold award and the “Woman Inventor of the Year” Award, INPEX 2013”. 

Ellen as an entrepreneur, had several business prior to establishing Miss Fabulous Pageants in 2017.  Miss Fabulous is a unique beauty pageant promoting the discovery of self love, the art of courage, and the act of self confidence.  As well as to promote tourism and businesses in Las Vegas, NV.  Miss Fabulous Pageants encouraged Ellen to pursue philanthropy by creating  the Project Fabulous, a 501c3 non profit organization, supporting mental health awareness and maintenance amongst young and adults.

As a beauty pageant owner and producer,  Ellen experienced local beauty pageants and fashion shows to learn the pageant industry.  She experienced  first hand how to be a contestant, a judge, and an organizer. She also learned the ins and outs of pageants through google and other resources. Ellen competed in local and international pageants.

Ellen is an author of a book  “Find your fabulous” as a child, Ellen dreamed of a cinderella life.  Is that dream came true? Read and find out to “find your fabulous.”

Kristine Stokes

Co-Founder, Daughter, Mother, Model, Talent Manager & Entrepreneur

As a child of a military family, Kristine lived in many parts of the world, giving her the opportunity to experience other cultures and gaining the social skills to adapt easily to her environment.  Eventually, Kristine settled down in Las Vegas, Nevada of which she has resided since 1997 with 2 incredible sons, Ethan and Brayden.

As an ambitious, young mother, Kristine decided to pursue the hospitality industry in which she was involved in the opening of world renowned ultra lounges and nightclubs, for companies  such as Wynn, MGM, Palms, Hard Rock, Drais and Tao Group.

Leading in management roles , marketing and guest development, gaining expertise in multiple facets of the industry. Working with mega talent from around the world, as well as, marketing geniuses that made the Nightlife industry what it is today.  Kristine presently works with the number one Boxing promotions company Top Rank Boxing inc, created and developed the Ring Girl Program.  Kristine is currently writing her  book “My Silent Journey” due to come out SOON. Inspired by her Mom, the desire to encourage and empower men and women of all ages to “Find your Fabulous” became a passion of hers also. Working with Ellen hand in hand, marketing & hosting Miss Fabulous Pageants and the Project Fabulous.  Kristine is also a beauty queen,  she won 3 categories in one pageant.

Kristine and the board of directors of Project Fabulous 501c3 non profit organization  are developing a 4 step program that provides students and contestants with the proper tools for Mental health awareness and maintenance.

Kristine is ready to mentor and empower you. She is resilient woman, an army of her own.



As a recognized 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization, Project Fabulous believes in mentorship through pageantry, breaking the traditional pageant barriers and assisting everyone to “Find your Fabulous – inside and out.” Our mission is to advance the personal development of our participants through extensive involvement in charity events, social gatherings, community organizations, and volunteerism.